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Stasher bags can be used to cook with (Sous vide, microwave or oven), freeze, or simply to stash things in! 

These handy little bags will banish pesky plastic zip lock bags forever. Help to reduce plastic waste and save our planet by investing in these fun and functional fully reusable silicone pouch. 

The half gallon bag is a star player in the stasher line up. Perfect for storing steaks, salmon or vege scraps, to make a delicious homemade stock. You can also sous vide in this bad boy, or use it to cook 'en papiote' in the oven. Excellent for freezing fresh sliced bread or using it for meal prep, it really is an all rounder in the kitchen. 

Size: 10.25 x 8.5 x 1.5 inches / 64.2 fl. ounces
Tare weight: 4.2 ounces / .26 pounds

 100% pure platinum silicone
· Non-toxic
· Pinch-loc™ seal
· Dishwasher and microwave safe
· Endlessly reusable
· Write on it!