JOY - Happy Pantry
JOY - Happy Pantry
JOY - Happy Pantry
JOY - Happy Pantry


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Each Happy Bundle has been carefully curated to create the maximum amount of happiness. To make the bundles extra special they all include a large canvas tote bag to carry all your goodies and a gift message card.


The bundle of Joy has been curated for those who may be short on time or energy. The perfect bundle to welcome a new addition to the family, a moving in present or someone who simply enjoys cooking.

With lots goodies for their pantry, the recipient of this bundle will be to be able to grab a quick tasty snack or drink or make quick meals to nourish themselves. Just grab one of the moreish and incredibly indulgent Pop It sea salt thins, add some fresh cheese and top it with the vibrant and flavoursome Newton & Pott Piccalilli for a quick and super delicious snack. The bigger bundles include even more fast meal bases - you can make a yummy curry with the fantastic Rempapa spice paste and few fresh ingredients or a delicious protein packed pasta with exactly what comes in the bundle.

After a long day, or to revitalize you in the morning, all our bundles of Joy come with the incredibly uplifting coffee body scrub by London Brand Skin & Tonic. 

What's Inside

JOY - £65 Food - Creighton's Chocolate Bar (100g), Tony's Chocolonely Bar (47g), Popti Sea Salt Thins (120g), Newton & Pott Piccalilli (300g), Great British Porridge (385g),  Willy's Natural Energy Drink (250ml) Beauty - Skin & Tonic Coffee Body Scrub (300g), Lifestyle - Ecoffee cup 12oz

JOY + - £90 - All of the above plus Food - Rempapa Spice Paste (140g), Casalinga Pesto (160g), Cobrarino Tomatoes (560g), Nocaella Olives (300g), Fioltea Pasta (250g)

JOY ++ - £165 - All of the above plus Food - Creighton's Buffet Breakfast Gift Set (300g), Urban Cordial (500ml), Local Honey Man Honey (340g), Fruit Magpie Fruit Cheese (140g), Chocolate Tree Organic Bar (100g), Popcorn Kitchen Sharing Bag (100g), Duo Vittorie Balsamic Vinegar (125ml), Gay Farmer Organic Olive Oil (500ml), Pomaceo Non Alcoholic Sparkling (750ml) Beauty - Evolve Organic Beauty Lip Treat (30ml) 



* If you would like to include a gift message in your bundle please add the message in the message box at checkout. If you would like to purchase a greeting card then please view these on the product page and add to cart before check out and then add the message in the box.  



** ALLERGEN/INTOLERANCE INFORMATION: All our bundles contain pre-packaged food/beauty products that may contain allergen's. If the recipient of this bundle has an allergy/intolerance please ensure they check the information on each individual item or on the manufacturers website before consuming/applying. If you would like specific allergy information on any products please contact us. If you would like a bundle to be altered to suit someone who suffers with an allergy/intolerance please contact and we will happily see how we can help. 

*** All the products in our bundles come in a variety of flavours/colours, this ensures each bundle is unique. Due to the nature of the business and small batch suppliers we may not send the exact item pictured on the website. However, we will always include something of equal or greater value that is equally as special too!