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Be an eco warrior and eliminate cling wrap from your kitchen with these fantastic hand made reusable bees wax wraps. Made from organic cotton, local bees wax, tree resin and organic jojoba oil. 

These mini wraps are an essential item for a happy pantry. Perfect for half an avocado, lemon or cucumber end or small snacks. Seal up a glass or small bowl or use them to hygienically wrap your toothbrush for travel. 

Simply rinse them with cool water once you are finished and they will be ready to use again and again.

After continuous use you may need to refresh the beeswax, simply lay them on baking sheet and pace them in a preheated medium oven for 2 minutes. Lit them out, carefully open them up and hold them up to quickly dry in seconds. They are now re-pasteurised, re-freshed and looking good as new. These wraps will give you at least a years worth of hard work. Once their wrapping days are done simply pop them in the compost heap. No adding to landfill with these! 

This pack contains

5 x Mini Beeswax Wraps 15 x 15 cm (6” x 6”)