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Each Happy Bundle has been carefully curated to create the maximum amount of happiness. To make the bundles extra special they all include a large canvas tote bag to carry all your goodies and a gift message card.


This bundle focuses on award winning organic natural beauty, the products complement each other perfectly. The beauty products are all travel sized so they are perfect to pack whether you are going to the gym, travelling away or simply to enjoy at home. 

The specialty food items are working on beauty from the inside out. Delectable and nourishing raw local honey, a crunchy and delicious granola and chocolate to increase your serotonin! 

The lifestyle products will evoke feelings of Bliss by just looking at them. The Bliss ++ includes the stunning Pergola eco-soy candle and the Happy Pantry Chilly's water bottle as well! 

What's Inside

BLISS - Food: Husk & Honey Granola (450g), Creightons chocolate bar (100g), Local Honey Man Honey (340g) Beauty: Evolve Organic Beauty - Nourishing Hair Elixir (10ml), Radiant Glow Mask (30ml), Skin & Tonic Rose Mist mini (20ml) Lifestyle: Happy Bundle canvas tote bag, Ecoffee cup 8OZ

BLISS + - All of the above plus - Beauty: Evolve Organic Beauty  - Superfood Shine Natural Shampoo (50ml), Superfood Shine Natural Conditioner (50ml),  Sunless Glow Body Lotion (50ml)

BLISS ++ - All of the above plus - Beauty: Evolve Organic Beauty - Hyaluronic Serum 200 (10ml) Lifestyle: Pergola Ecosoya Candle, Happy Pantry Chilly's Water Bottle (500ml)



* If you would like to include a gift message in your bundle please add the message in the message box at checkout. If you would like to purchase a greeting card then please view these on the product page and add to cart before check out and then add the message in the box.


** ALLERGEN/INTOLERANCE INFORMATION: All our bundles contain pre-packaged food/beauty products that may contain allergen's. If the recipient of this bundle has an allergy/intolerance please ensure they check the information on each individual item or on the manufacturers website before consuming/applying. If you would like specific allergy information on any products please contact us. If you would like a bundle to be altered to suit someone who suffers with an allergy/intolerance please contact and we will happily see how we can help. 

*** All the products in our bundles come in a variety of flavours/colours, this ensures each bundle is unique. Due to the nature of the business and small batch suppliers we may not send the exact item pictured on the website. However, we will always include something of equal or greater value that is equally as special too! 


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