The Happy Pantry Story

Welcome to Happy Pantry, an online store where people can shop for beautiful and meaningful gifts. 

Our founder Meagan is a passionate foodie, natural skin care lover and is committed to minimising waste. Inspired by her passions Meagan decided to create Happy Pantry. 

Happy Pantry offers a unique range of curated specialty gift bundles - Happy Bundles. The  bundles are a mix of local food, beauty and eco-lifestyle products. The bundles are the perfect gift for any occasion, including a special gift to yourself.

Meagan has always loved buying gifts, choosing the perfect gift always took a lot of time and consideration. She was always on the look out for something she thought the person would love, but may not buy for themselves. She also wanted to share the things she loved with people, to share the happiness she felt.

Meagan used to purchase items from lots of different markets or shops and bundle them together, to create a little package of happiness. However, with a very busy lifestyle this became increasingly difficult. 

The concept behind Happy Pantry began when Meagan was working in a corporate office. She noticed the traditional food hampers sent to the office went unappreciated. The selection of products were uninspiring and sometimes unrecognizable, the amount of waste was shocking. Taking her own gift buying experiences into account the concept was born. 

At Happy Pantry it is our mission to create gifts that will inspire happiness and not be wasted. The curation process has been a labour of love, testing, tasting and trying hundreds of products and numerous product combinations to get the final bundles just right. 

Happy Pantry is committed to minimising its environmental impact and giving back to the community. We are proud to support local suppliers from the UK and Europe. The majority of our suppliers share the same environmental and social values that we hold. 

Happy Pantry is proud to donate a total of 10% of their profits in 2019, split equally between Friends of the Earth UK and Crisis UK . Happy Pantry will donate these funds through the platform Work for Good. More information can be found on our packaging and social responsibility pages.