Packaging & Environmental Impact

Here at Happy Pantry HQ we aim to minimise our impact on the environment. We firmly believe in reduce, reuse and recycle. All our boxes are recycled and recyclable.

The Happy Pantry tissue and logo stickers are made by eco-conscious Noissue - the paper is FSC Certified and acid free. The logo stickers are made with a soy label base and both are printed with soy ink.

The contents are protected with Eco-Flo, a starch based packaging that is 100% natural and light weight. It is fully biodegradable, you can add it to your food waste bin or you can simply put it in your garden and the rain will wash it away! Eco-Flo is also fun to make models with. The kids can spend hours making different creations. Simply use a small amount of water on the area you would like to stick and then press them together. Have fun with it, it will make you happy! 

We reuse packaging from our suppliers wherever possible. This ensures we are not contributing to extra plastic production. We encourage you to make use of the reusable products in the bundle, such as the tote bag and the bamboo coffee cups.

According to Friends of the Earth - 12 million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year and 1 million plastic bottles are bought worldwide every minute! Every little bit we can do to reduce that helps. There is no planet B. 

Through the platform Work For Good, Happy Pantry has pledged to donate 5% of their profits from launch date until the end of 2019 to Friends of the Earth