The selection story, our suppliers

Here at Happy Pantry we only select products that we love from brands we love. We seek out local producers who share our passions for good food and eco-friendly practices. 

Food - We love exploring, eating and chatting about food - food adventures are a highlight. We want to share some of the delicious products that we already use and also to share the new goodies we have just discovered.

The majority of our suppliers are local small batch producers. We buy from select companies that share our passion for delicious quality food and minimising their impact on the environment. A lot of the products are made right here in London. We will feature more about why we love our products and how we use them on our blog when it launches. We have so many fabulous suppliers, below are just a few. 

Creighton's Choclaterie 

Fruit Magpie

Local Honey Man

Newton & Pott

Urban Cordial 

Beauty - We sought out local producers who are using all natural and mainly organic ingredients. These award winning beauty brands care about the our health and the health of the environment. This is reflected in their production methods and their packaging. 

Skin & Tonic London

Evolve Beauty

Lifestyle - Eco-friendly lifestyle products are the way of the future. We are aware now more than ever the harm single use plastic has caused to our planet.

Happy Pantry would like to encourage everyone to think ahead and take your reusables with you. We understand we can't do it perfectly all the time, just a small effort makes a big difference. 

We have included a Happy Bundle canvas tote bag made by Supreme creations & Bags of Ethics  with every bundle. It is a great size for carrying lots of goodies, so will hopefully be very useful. Each bundle also comes with an Ecoffee cup, perfect for your morning brew. Happy Pantry Chilly's water bottles also come in some of the larger bundles or are available for purchase as an add on or separately.